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Powa Dishwashing Liquid 400ml 750ml 1


Powa Dishwashing Liquid

A quality liquid detergent for washing dishes and general purpose cleaning.
Lemon cleaning power.

Sizes: 400ml, 750ml, 1.5lt, 2lt, 5lt 


Rainbow Dishwashing Liquid


Powa Multi-Purpose Cleaner

rainbow dish wash 2   Newden Powa Multisurface Cleaner Group

Rainbow dishwashing liquid range.

Sizes: 400ml, 750ml and 2lt


A quality multi-purpose cleaner with ammonia.
Lemon Fragranced.

Sizes: 400ml and 750ml


Pine Gel

Deodorising surface cleaner.

Variants: Yellow, Green and Red
(also available in rainbow packs)

Sizes: 500ml, 1lt and 2lt 
Newden Pine Gel 2L Group