Petroleum Jelly

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white and original petroleum  jelly 

Plain Petroleum Jelly 

Soft white petroleum jelly manufactured to B.P. standards.

Variants: Original and White

Sizes: 500ml (white only, tubs & jars), 250g (white only) 200g,
100g and 50g (white only)




Pink Perfumed Petroleum Jelly


Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly


Aloe Vera Petroleum Jelly

Newden Pet Jelly Perfumed Group   Newden Pet Jelly Cocoa butter Group   Newden Pet Jelly Aloe Vera Group
Sizes: 500ml, 250g, 200g, 100g and 50g   Sizes: 200g, 100g and 50g   Sizes: 200g, 100g and 50g





Cherry Petroleum Jelly


Vitamin E & Glycerine Petroleum Jelly



Newden Petroleum Jelly Cherry Group   Newden Petroleum Jelly VitE Glycerine Group   Pet Jelly Rub Rub 50g
Sizes: 200g, 100g and 50g   Sizes: 200g, 100g and 50g   For muscular aches and pains.

200g, 100g and 50g



Mathambisa (Baby) Petroleum Jelly 

(Only available in KZN)

Variants: Perfumed, Unscented and For Men

Sizes: 500ml, 250ml, 180ml, 100ml and 50ml.

For Men only available in 100ml.