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Wonda Wave
De Luxe holding Spray


 Wonda Wave
De Luxe Oil Sheen Finishing Spray

 Wonda wave deluxe holding spray   Wonda Wave oil sheen spray

For all hair types and styles. Holds hair in shape
after styling. Specially formulated and may be used
daily for long lasting hold.

Size: 250ml aerosol


For all hair types and styles. Gives hair wonderful
shine and lustre. Reduces dryness and breakage.
De Luxe Oil Sheen has a natural blend of moisturisers,
which helps strengthen hair leaving it softer and silkier.

Size: 250ml aerosol




Wonda Wave
Oil Sheen Hair Spray


Wonda Wave
Extra Dry Hair Spray 


Wonda Wave
Braiding Hair Spray 

 wonderwaveoilsheenhairspray    wonderwaveextradryhairspray    wondawavebraidspray

Specially formulated spray that ensures
dry problem hair is instantly moisturised
and conditioned.

Size: 250ml 


 A special blend of proteins and 
conditioners to maintain moisture
balance and protect your hair,
leaving it shiny and full of curls.
Formula has been enriched with 

Size: 250ml


For natural and synthetic hair.
For long lasting, great looking

Size: 250ml



 Nutrifro OIL SHEEN SPRAY Anti Dandruff SMALL  Nutrifro OIL SHEEN SPRAY Extra Virgin SMALL  Nutrifro OIL SHEEN SPRAY SMALL  

Nutrifro Oil Sheen Spray

Keeps hair healthy and gives it extra
body and shine. Stimluates hair growth.

Variants: Anti Dandruff, Olive Oil and 

Size: 275ml