Hair Care

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Wonda Wave Perm Lotion 


Wonda Wave Perm Neutralizer 

 perm lotion1    perm neutraliser1

For professional use only.

Sizes: 5lt, 2lt, 1lt, 500ml and 100ml 


For professional use only.

Sizes: 5lt, 2lt, 1lt, 500ml and 100ml 




Wonda Wave Curl Activator Gel


Wonda Wave Deluxe Oil Moisturizer

Wonda Wave Curl Activator Group                 Wonda Wave Oil Moisturiser Deluxe  

A silicone enriched gel to condition and revitalise
hair for easy combing and styling.

Sizes: 5lt, 500ml, 250ml and 100ml


Enriched formula that helps restore moisture and shine to 
your hair, making it look beautiful with less oil build up.

Size: 250ml





Wonda Wave Regular Super No Lye Relaxer Group 2

Wonda Wave Creme Relaxer

Regular Relaxer for normal to fine hair and 
Super Relaxer for coarser hair.

Sizes: 2lt, 250ml and 125ml

Wonda Wave Blow Out Relaxer Group 2




Wonda Wave neutralising shampoo group

Wonda Wave Neutralizing Shampoo

A mild pH balanced shampoo that ensures proper
neutralisation of of relaxed hair, leaving hair beautiful and

With pH colour indicator.

Sizes: 5lt, 2lt and 250ml




Wonda Wave Hair Food 

Wonda Wave Hair Food Treatment With Castor Oil 180ml    Wonda Wave Hair Food Treatment With Vitamins 180ml   Wonda Wave Hair Food Treatment With Coconut Oil 180ml

With Castor Oil

Prevents scalp dryness. Gives hair a thicker
appearance while improving body and sheen.

Sizes: 2lt and 180ml


With Vitamins

Controls hair breakage. Conditions hair
while giving it a natural sheen and leaving
it full of body.

Sizes: 5lt, 2lt, 450ml, 180ml and 125ml


With Coconut Oil

Protects hair against breakage caused by
the sun and heat styling. Leaves hair with
a natural sheen and full of body.

Sizes: 2lt and 180ml



Nutrifro OIL MOIST Shine and Repair SMALLNutrifro OIL MOIST Olive Oil SMALL Nutrifro OIL MOIST Argan SMALL

Nutrifro Oil Moisturiser

Strengthens and repairs hair. Adds volume
and shine.

Variants: Shine and Repair, Olive Oil and
Argan Oil

Size: 300ml



 Nutrifro Hair Food

Nourishes and strengthens hair. Enriched with
vitamin D and special oils to give you strong,
beautiful hair from root to tip.

Variants: Original, Argan Oil, Lanolin and 
Cocoa Butter.

Size: 250g

NutriFro Hair Food Treatment Group 125g 




Nutrifro Hair Lotion

Prevents hair from falling and revitalises scalp.
Prevents split ends and promotes hair growth.

Sizes: 100ml